Equity, Leadership, Education, Research and Innovation

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One of the most important qualities of science and technology is that it offers solutions to the most challenging problems, challenges that have the potential to become major roadblocks in society's overall growth.

Vision: Our vision is to encourage innovation, reflective thinking, flexibility and adaptability in scientific approaches that benefits modern society.

Aim: Our aim is to promote moral science education, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance

    Our objectives:

  • To popularise science and technology for the benefit of society.
  • To portray the growth of science and technology and their application in industry and human welfare, with a view to develop scientific attitude and temper and to create, inculcate and sustain a general awareness amongst the people.
  • To encourage science education, communication and technology transfer.
  • To encourage application-oriented research in the field of Basic & Applied Sciences.
  • To promote and encourage Science education, research, start-up, skill & entrepreneurship development.
  • To create awareness among the people for their health and for sustainable, harmonious society with equity and integrity.
  • To collaborate with Universities / Institutions / Organizations to conduct Seminars/ Workshops/ Science competitions/ Science Exhibitions etc.

Welcome to Dr. Buddolla's

Research and Educational Society

Completely committed researchers with significant contributions in Science, Research and Education.

Through constructive education, we have been aiming to sustain the link between science and technology. Because science develops principles or theories and technology implements those principles or theories into practise.

Methods of designing and developing solutions

Standards for selecting and using appropriate materials, tools and processes

Experimental and design specifications for testing and evaluating solutions

Criteria for judging the performance and impact of the solutions

Evaluating the impact of modifying a system to improve performance.


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